Stop. Close your eyes. Imagine stepping into a place that looks, sounds and feels exactly like you. A place where you don't just exist ... you belong.

Quality Cambridge Builders

At Mercury Homes, we believe that ( just like clothes, cuisine and cars) each home should be unique to the individual. Reflecting their taste, values and personality. We believe that places should be crafted around our clients budget, priorities and lifestyle. So that is exactly what we do.

How we do it

Efficient. Genuine. Bespoke.

Our values define us, inspire us and enable us to create quality, unique places every time. 

Efficient: We are determined to use everything at our disposal to build a place that gives you the most out of your investment. This is reflected in the way we structure our company, customise our design process, incorporate smart technology and use sustainable materials. We constantly strive for better, smarter more innovative ways to create your vision.

Genuine: Honesty, transparency, hard work and communication - these things are reflected in every action we take. We view your faith in us as a privilege and value each project with time and respect.

Bespoke: No two people are the same, so why should their houses be? Our goal is to design a place that reflects your uniqueness and lifestyle. No matter what stage of life you are at, we are committed to helping you create something special.

Crafting a place where you belong

Why Sometimes, Size Matters

Small Footprint Homes

We recognise that there are a growing number of people who value simplicity and smaller living when it comes to their homes.  

We think this is fantastic! 

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of building smaller footprint houses, the owners might enjoy reduced costs on utility bills, furnishing and of course less house to clean!

But don't imagine for a second that we are willing to compromise on lifestyle or quality. When things are smaller, you just need to get a bit more creative - good thing that's our speciality. 

Why Efficiency is King

We innovate, you benefit.

We take efficiency seriously. 

That's why we look at each step of your home build or renovation and make sure you are aware of all your options for maximising efficiency in the place you call home. 

Listed below are some of the many ways we can address the efficiency of your build or remodel from start to finish. 


  • Space efficiency
  • Light / sun optimisation
  • Technology integration
  • Water / power: capture, generate, store, recycle


  • Painting / permacolours
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Best practice
  • Future proofing


  • Building methods
  • Cladding / roofing options
  • Insulation / ventilation
  • Joinery/ glazing


  • Heating / cooling
  • Appliances
  • Gas vs electricity
  • Covers: floors, walls, windows

Leading the Way - Mike Riddle

With twenty years of industry experience, Cambridge builder Mike speaks with a quiet, yet assuring confidence about his vision. 

"It's about creating something beautiful, sustainable and unique
for the client."

Working as Project Manager together with a select group of talented contractors, this master builder is not afraid to push the envelope in a quest to create a place that encompasses both budget and lifestyle. Having worked on alternative builds such as rammed earth houses, Mike happily steps out side convention to execute something effective and innovative for every client.

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